Saturday, October 26, 2013

#NALitChat Broadcast & 2013

Hi Everyone!

After the release of my New Adult Thriller, SILENCING SAPPHIRE, Stalking Sapphire's sequel, on Tuesday (10/22) my life suddenly went from being in full gear to first gear...or perhaps, rolling in natural.

It was MUCH needed. I've been living under a rock with MS Word as my only company, and have completely missed the year 2013. I just stepped back out into the world and I'm now asking myself questions like: What's the deal with Breaking Bad?  and, Why is everybody saying Twerking?

Since MS Word and my manuscript never speaks back to me (excluding that one time when I'd worked for 16 hours straight and was delirious), I've also missed out on one key ingredient in humanity: sociability.

I had a big come-back in that department this week with my Release Party on Tuesday, and then having the honor of guesting at #NALitChat along with NA Horror author, Michelle Muto. For those who don't know, #NALitChat is the broadcast for New Adult fans and authors! I had a blast and the NA authors that host the show every Thursday night, 9 PM Eastern time, couldn't be more amazing.

If you missed it on Thursday night, here it is:


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