Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Real World

Hello America,

Lock your doors, seal your windows, and for the love of God, stay indoors, because Mia Thompson is back in town.

Not so much because I'm a homicidal maniac, but because I'm a terrible driver.

After what I will hereby refer to as: "The airplane ride which never ended, where the food sucked and the kid two seats up wouldn't stop puking his guts out"--it's a working title-- I am now back in America.

Can't really say that I'm glad to be back from wonderful Vacation Land where all that exists is my dear family, laughter, lots of coffee, and the excessive intake of ones favorite foods.

I hugged my sister and my mother goodbye at the airport in Copenhagen with only some mild crying, then got on the 8 hour flight to do the serious crying. I'm sure everyone between seats 29C to 33F were very appreciative that I opted to save my heavy duty bawling especially for them. You're welcome.

The problem with Vacation Land is that it's a magical place in which you've only been granted so much time. Should you exceed the limited time you've been given, it gradually stops being the enchanted Vacation Land and inevitably turns into the boring Real World.

The Real World is full of non-magical and dull everyday things like: Bills. Work. Dirty dishes. Alarm clocks set way too early.

Though I have not yet figured out a way to stay permanently in Vacation Land, I have figured out a way to escape the Real World for periods of time, just like so many authors before me.

It's called Fiction City and it's where I spend every possible moment while my body stays behind in the Real World.

I'm sure SILENCING SAPPHIRE is waiting patiently for me right now, welcoming me with an imaginary piƱa colada in one hand and an action-packed sequence in the other.



Friday, February 22, 2013

All Things Sapphire!


I just wanted to sum up all Sapphire information in one sweep to make it easier and less scattered.

STALKING SAPPHIRE, published by Diversion Books, is the first book in my New Adult Sapphire Series and is coming out April 23 2013. It will be available on iTunes/iBooks, Kobo, Sony, Amazon's Kindle, Barnes&Noble's Nook, Google Books.

You can PRE-ORDER STALKING SAPPHIRE right now and download a free sample (the first few chapters) if you have iTunes/iBooks.

If you don't  feel I torture you enough with my blog, you can also follow me on Facebook and @mia_thomp on Twitter.

SILENCING SAPPHIRE, published by Diversion Books, is the second book in the Sapphire Series and is coming out sometime, hopefully, in the spring of 2013.

That's all for now folks...
Ya'll come back now, you he-ah?


Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Essential part of Duck Feeding


I'm a bit over halfway through my vacation and I'm finding that it's going way too fast. Why is that?
What is the strange thing in our universe that decided fun things like vacations and weekends should go by fast, while things like being tortured or being forced to watch a Paris Hilton movie should make a second feel like a minute and a minute like an hour?

Since I can't write on SILENCING SAPPHIRE and since I've decided that it's okay not to be able to write on it because of one's own terrifying psychological ghosts, I've now put the vacation into full gear and started trying to squeeze every bit of juice out of this orange. Instead of the whole: A lot of time with little to do, it is now: A little time with A lot to do. Meaning: a leisurely activity like feeding the ducks becomes narrowed down to its most essential part without allowing any chitchatting, smiling, stopping to pickup the mitten one of your family members lost, or anything this else that could be considered time consuming. Sounds fun right? Well it's not.

Had my old friends over for dinner yesterday--by old I mean young friends whom I've known since before I had my second set of front teeth-- and I'm pretty sure they got a sense of my new found time and organization Hitler-ism when I ushered them between the kitchen and the living room in the most time efficient manner, and told them dessert will in exactly 15 minutes.

I now have exactly 8 minutes to finish this post, get a tweet out, check my email for anything Sapphire related, and pack my overnight bag so that I can go force my family to spend time with me while doing errands. They've looked a bit reluctant to spend time with me lately, but I'm sure it's just my imagination.


Monday, February 18, 2013

A Lot of Crying

Greetings from sunny, warm Sweden,

Okay...maybe not so sunny...or warm; unless you count the radiators.

This will be day 5 of my long awaited vacation, but between the birthday; mine, numerous family reunions, a bit of screaming; not mine, and a lot of crying; all mine, today is the first day where I actually find myself being on vacation. Meaning lots of time, where there's little to do.
Yes, I should be writing , but in all the pre-travel stress, I accidentally--despite the fact that Freud said there are no accidents--left my laptop and Flash Drive at home in the States. This of course means I can't write on SILENCING SAPPHIRE.
Is it a bad thing? Probably, but considering I've been going through a long I-hate-everything-I-write spell, getting some space between myself and my beloved Sapphire sequel may not be the worst thing for me right now. I'm sure my agent, editor, and publisher are absolutely thrilled to hear this. I'm sure there's virtually no hair tearing or hyperventilating into paper bags.

No pressure.

Despite the screaming and crying, I am really enjoying seeing my family again.

My sister, also known as the boss of the family--though she insists that she is advice-y and not bossy--have made it her mission to make mine and my husband's vaca as magnificent as possible.
My lovely mother has slaved in the kitchen to make sure I got my favorite Swedish dishes and has really improved on her English since the last time we were here and I forced her to speak to my American husband. She will now go entire sentences without blushing and telling me in Swedish to take over; I'm muy, mucho, grande proud.
My father, does what he always does and forces me out into the world of culture and history. This time he took us to the Helsingborg history and art museum Dunkers.
I'm well aware that as an "artistic" writer person I'm supposed to like these sort of things and stand close to an abstract piece of art, nodding my head, while gazing at it with this deep and thoughtful look, but I don't.
Even as we went through the history section of my 1000 year old town I couldn't help to close my eyes and think snore as my husband and father insisted on looking at every object, skeleton, wall, and decaying tool.
Though they would deny that any such thing ever happened, I'm pretty sure I saw them staring at this one piece for 10 minutes, trying to figure out what the ancient people could have used it for, before they realized it was only the museum's trash can.

Still, you have to appreciate the fact that my father continues to try to broaden my horizon despite so many years of failure.


Saturday, February 16, 2013



The wonderful cover of STALKING SAPPHIRE!



After a rocky airplane ride, several hours of agony, and A LOT of cussing I finally made it to Sweden! I'm now trying to spend as much time with my family as possible since I haven't seen them for almost 3 years.
I also arrived to Sweden to hear some really good news!
Drum roll please...

Stalking Sapphire is available for pre-order for iBooks and iTunes!

Click or copy and paste the link below to see more!


STALKING SAPPHIRE will be out April 23 2013!


Monday, February 11, 2013

I love you, but...please leave.

Evenin', Mornin', whatever suits you,

Was all geared up--gloves, helmet, and all--to attack SILENCING SAPPHIRE this morning, but found that my attention was needed elsewhere when I got the final copy edit of STALKING SAPPHIRE from Diversion Books. Yey!

Was of course extremely happy about this, and the Diversion copy editor did an amazing job cleaning up the things I did not do so amazing with.

Confession: I suck at grammar.

The thing is, I love STALKING SAPPHIRE with all my heart, and I always will till the day I die, but...big but...I am ready to unleash her/it/the kraken on the world now. If the manuscript was a person who I'd held a long relationship with I'd be saying: "I love you, but would you please leave already."Then I'd gesture dramatically. "Go. Live. Spread your wings, young grasshopper."

I know STALKING SAPPHIRE better than I know the back of my hand, and whereas I was not ready to let go before, I now feel like a pregnant woman who is two weeks past due; uncomfortable, fat, and ready to be done so that I can have a  drink.



Saturday, February 9, 2013

And...Rough Patch.


Am entering what I like to call the Rough Patch, in rewriting SILENCING SAPPHIRE.
This usually happens to me every time and despite the fact that I am well aware that this is something that I always go through when rewriting it still has the same effect on me.

I'll be going through a scene or section which I've already gone through 1782 times and always felt was fine, and suddenly find that the whole thing sucks, has no character development, or needed plot and should be deleted immediately. So I get rid of it, feel better, then move onto the next thing just to repeat.

The one thing I have learned because I've been through this part of the rewriting process about a hundred times before is to copy and save everything you desperately want to get rid of into another document before you delete it; even the parts that you are positively sure that you hate. Not only because you might regret it one day, but because you never know what elements of a scene can be used or combined in/with other scenes.

As a writer, you never know when you are crazy, right, wrong, or overly-judgemental, because it all feels the same to you at that very moment. It isn't until afterwards that you can stand back and see where you went right or wrong.

Right now, for me, even the parts that are right look wrong, and had I been somewhat intelligent I would have stayed away from the novel until this phase has passed, but -- as people who know me can testify -- I'm not somewhat intelligent and I keep going back in, armed with a butcher knife in one hand and a grenade in the other, recking havoc where ever I go.

Until better days,

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Extra, extra!


Yes, feeling very Spanish lately despite that it is, in fact, Sweden I'm leaving for in a few days.

Just found out that STALKING SAPPHIRE, the first book in the Sapphire series, will be available for pre-order around next week! Yey!

Have not gotten the full details yet, but be sure that when I do, I'll post a link for it.

Hasta luego,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Heaven and Hell in just one day!


At exactly 13.33 yesterday -- yes, I'm going military/European on you -- I was sitting in the passenger seat of my husband's car after spending an endless amount of hours at the one place on earth where time really does stand still.
The people in this place sit zombie-like, staring at nothing except for the screen which still has 237 numbers to go before theirs come up. Somewhere in the background there is a female robotic voice whose mundane tone tumbles in your head even after you've left.

"Now serving...", she'll say, adding a long suspenseful pause, "G", another long pause, "1-7-6 at window number 8." Meanwhile, you're thinking: I hate you. I know you're not an actual person, but I still hate your guts. 

Yes, I am, of course, talking about the DMV. You may also know it by other names, such as: Hell on Earth. The torture chamber. Or the always popular: Where good spirits go to die. 

Anyways, point is,  we were on the freeway, finally free of the DMV which we only went to because somebody got five traffic violations in one day -- not me -- I won't go into details, but let's just say that after the whole DMV ordeal and being on the way to the police station to try to get one of the five violations signed off, the mood in the car at this time was not pleasant. There may even have been some yelling -- yes, me -- until I noticed that I had received a new email.

The email was from the wonderful people at Diversion Books and they'd sent a preview of the STALKING SAPPHIRE cover.

To see the professional cover of your own novel which you've slaved over, cried blood over, hated deeply simultaneously as you've love it unconditionally, is to feel instant, complete, and utter gratification and joy.
The cover itself is absolutely beautiful and eye-catching and this might just be me -- obviously I'm biased-- but it may be the best piece of art of all time; the Mona Lisa wouldn't have a chance.

Looking a the cover makes me realize how extremely lucky I've been to have been armed in the Sapphire battle with an incredibly intelligent and kind agent who had faith in me when I, myself, had none and the people at Diversion Books who dove in, head first, and understood the story and characters at once.

So despite the horror at the DMV, five traffic tickets, and an altercation with a foul-mouthed homeless man which I will not go into, it turned out to be a very good day!

Will absolutely post the cover of STALKING SAPPHIRE as soon as it is in its final stage.