Saturday, February 9, 2013

And...Rough Patch.


Am entering what I like to call the Rough Patch, in rewriting SILENCING SAPPHIRE.
This usually happens to me every time and despite the fact that I am well aware that this is something that I always go through when rewriting it still has the same effect on me.

I'll be going through a scene or section which I've already gone through 1782 times and always felt was fine, and suddenly find that the whole thing sucks, has no character development, or needed plot and should be deleted immediately. So I get rid of it, feel better, then move onto the next thing just to repeat.

The one thing I have learned because I've been through this part of the rewriting process about a hundred times before is to copy and save everything you desperately want to get rid of into another document before you delete it; even the parts that you are positively sure that you hate. Not only because you might regret it one day, but because you never know what elements of a scene can be used or combined in/with other scenes.

As a writer, you never know when you are crazy, right, wrong, or overly-judgemental, because it all feels the same to you at that very moment. It isn't until afterwards that you can stand back and see where you went right or wrong.

Right now, for me, even the parts that are right look wrong, and had I been somewhat intelligent I would have stayed away from the novel until this phase has passed, but -- as people who know me can testify -- I'm not somewhat intelligent and I keep going back in, armed with a butcher knife in one hand and a grenade in the other, recking havoc where ever I go.

Until better days,

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