Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Heaven and Hell in just one day!


At exactly 13.33 yesterday -- yes, I'm going military/European on you -- I was sitting in the passenger seat of my husband's car after spending an endless amount of hours at the one place on earth where time really does stand still.
The people in this place sit zombie-like, staring at nothing except for the screen which still has 237 numbers to go before theirs come up. Somewhere in the background there is a female robotic voice whose mundane tone tumbles in your head even after you've left.

"Now serving...", she'll say, adding a long suspenseful pause, "G", another long pause, "1-7-6 at window number 8." Meanwhile, you're thinking: I hate you. I know you're not an actual person, but I still hate your guts. 

Yes, I am, of course, talking about the DMV. You may also know it by other names, such as: Hell on Earth. The torture chamber. Or the always popular: Where good spirits go to die. 

Anyways, point is,  we were on the freeway, finally free of the DMV which we only went to because somebody got five traffic violations in one day -- not me -- I won't go into details, but let's just say that after the whole DMV ordeal and being on the way to the police station to try to get one of the five violations signed off, the mood in the car at this time was not pleasant. There may even have been some yelling -- yes, me -- until I noticed that I had received a new email.

The email was from the wonderful people at Diversion Books and they'd sent a preview of the STALKING SAPPHIRE cover.

To see the professional cover of your own novel which you've slaved over, cried blood over, hated deeply simultaneously as you've love it unconditionally, is to feel instant, complete, and utter gratification and joy.
The cover itself is absolutely beautiful and eye-catching and this might just be me -- obviously I'm biased-- but it may be the best piece of art of all time; the Mona Lisa wouldn't have a chance.

Looking a the cover makes me realize how extremely lucky I've been to have been armed in the Sapphire battle with an incredibly intelligent and kind agent who had faith in me when I, myself, had none and the people at Diversion Books who dove in, head first, and understood the story and characters at once.

So despite the horror at the DMV, five traffic tickets, and an altercation with a foul-mouthed homeless man which I will not go into, it turned out to be a very good day!

Will absolutely post the cover of STALKING SAPPHIRE as soon as it is in its final stage.


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