Saturday, October 26, 2013

#NALitChat Broadcast & 2013

Hi Everyone!

After the release of my New Adult Thriller, SILENCING SAPPHIRE, Stalking Sapphire's sequel, on Tuesday (10/22) my life suddenly went from being in full gear to first gear...or perhaps, rolling in natural.

It was MUCH needed. I've been living under a rock with MS Word as my only company, and have completely missed the year 2013. I just stepped back out into the world and I'm now asking myself questions like: What's the deal with Breaking Bad?  and, Why is everybody saying Twerking?

Since MS Word and my manuscript never speaks back to me (excluding that one time when I'd worked for 16 hours straight and was delirious), I've also missed out on one key ingredient in humanity: sociability.

I had a big come-back in that department this week with my Release Party on Tuesday, and then having the honor of guesting at #NALitChat along with NA Horror author, Michelle Muto. For those who don't know, #NALitChat is the broadcast for New Adult fans and authors! I had a blast and the NA authors that host the show every Thursday night, 9 PM Eastern time, couldn't be more amazing.

If you missed it on Thursday night, here it is:


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Silencing Sapphire Read & #NALitChat

Hi Everyone!

It's been two days since the SILENCING SAPPHIRE release party and I have to say, I'm still suffering from a bit of a hangover.
Big thanks to everyone who came and helped celebrate my big day!
Since I've all of my attention has been aimed on my computer for the past year, a night of getting to be social and have fun was MUCH needed!

An hour before the Release Party, I had a pre-party on Google Hangout where I, among other things, read chapter 3 from SILENCING SAPPHIRE.

If you missed it, no problem. Here it is.

I'm very much looking forward to my guest spot on Twitter/Google+/Youtube broadcast with #NALitChat. You can tune in tonight (10/24) at 9 Pm Eastern Time and listened to me and authors,
Amy Evans, E.J Wesley, and Michelle Muto, chat about the topic New Adult Beyond Romance.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

RELEASE DAY - Order Silencing Sapphire

Hi Everyone!

The Big Day is finally here! I can't believe it. SILENCING SAPPHIRE, Stalking Sapphire's sequel, and my second New Adult Thriller is out.

You can now get it at your favorite eBook retailer. To get SILENCING SAPPHIRE go to this link:


Because of today's release I'll be holding a Release  Party at The Quad Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas AND a live pre-party on Google Hangout. Anyone can message me during the Hangout with comments or questions. Among other things, I'll be chatting about the end of the Wattpad Book Club and will also be doing a quick one-chapter read out of SILENCING SAPPHIRE.

To ask me questions go to my Google Plus Profile at 8 PM Eastern Time tonight, 10/22 and I'll do my best to answer them!

To Join my Google Plus, Pre-Party:


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Interviews & Hangouts

Hi Everyone,

You might have noticed that the majority of my time lately has been consumed by two things: the Wattpad book club and the release of my second book, Silencing Sapphire.

The past few months have been insanely exhausting, but incredibly rewarding! The book I've been slaving over for the past year, is now only 3 days away from leaving my protective arms and taking off into the hands of the readers. Yikes. Nervous would be an understatement.

Luckily, I don't have much time to think about my nerves. While things have slowed down on the Wattpad and publication front, things have sped up elsewhere. I'm scrambling to get everything done for the SILENCING SAPPHIRE RELEASE PARTY, held in Las Vegas, and preparing for a few upcoming events.

I'm doing a guest spot on the #NAlitchat broadcast, 10/24 where the topic will be New Adult Beyond Romance--which I'm extremely excited to get to chat about--and, of course, the Google Hangout for the release on 10/22, 8 p.m. Eastern time. ANYONE who has/gets Google plus can join in on this!

I recently did a fun video interview with the one and only, Amy Evans, author of CLICKS, and will post it as soon as it's up.

I also did an interview for an Interview Collections book on Wattpad, which I enjoyed immensely.

Click to Read

Friday, October 18, 2013

Book Club Tidbits - Week 7

Hello Everyone,

I can't believe it is the LAST week of the Stalking Sapphire Book Club! The seven weeks went by way too fast.

To everyone at Wattpad who has been following Sapphire on her adventure, THANK YOU! Your warm comments, questions, and constant enthusiasm have made me smile over and over again. I will miss you all immensely.

Tidbits for Chapters 19 - Epilogue

1. In chapter 20, Aston's journey ends on somewhat of a down note. Was I too mean to him? I don't think so.

Aston is the character I wanted to change the most through the journey. When we first meet him, he is, undoubtedly, a major a**. He treats Sapphire, and all women, as if they are disposable toysDuring and after their first encounter, Sapphire is the reacher and Aston is the one who forcefully pulls away. I wanted his ending to be the opposite of his beginning. Whether he knows it or not, Aston is the one to reach for Sapphire at the end, and she is the one who pulls away.
Ultimately, I wanted this character to experience what it's like to be the target instead of the shooter for the first time in his life so that he can start growing from it.

2. The End...?

How to end the first book in a series is always a big debate among authors.
Do you end it as if it is a stand-alone book, or do you leave it completely open for the second book, and the series?

With Stalking Sapphire, I chose to go hybrid. Meaning, I closed off the main storyline and the characters arcs/issues of the book, but left specific subplots open. In addition, the epilogue, obviously, opened up a whole new problem coming Sapphire's way.
At this moment, I have five books planned out for the Sapphire Dubois Mystery Series and I will be keeping the Hybrid Endings for next three books.

So when you finished Stalking Sapphire and thought: Is this the end for Sapphire?, my answer is: No, this is only the beginning. The second book in the series, SILENCING SAPPHIRE comes out on OCT. 22. I couldn't be more excited to get to share Sapphire's second adventure with the world in less than four days.

For everyone with iBook/iTunes or Kobo, you can now pre-order SILENCING SAPPHIRE:

Release Day

I'll be having a Pre-Party on Google Plus Hangout around 8 p.m. Eastern Time, on SILENCING SAPPHIRE's Release day. Anyone who has (or gets) a Google Plus account can join in to ask me questions or just to chat!

This will take you to my Google Plus spot:


Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hi Everyone!

The SILENCING SAPPHIRE release (10/22) is approaching quickly!
I'm spending the last few days before the Big Day, doing some interviews and prepping for a possible Release Party at the Quad Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Crossing my fingers, toes, and elbows, hoping everything will fall in place.

If you don't want to wait until Oct. 22 for Silencing Sapphire, you can now Sample & Pre-Order it from the iBook/iTunes Store and Kobo!

The FINAL Tidbits for the Stalking Sapphire Book Club on Wattpad!

Pre-Order at KOBO
Pre-Order at the iBook/iTunes Store


Friday, October 11, 2013

Book Club Tidbits - Week 6

Hello Everyone,

Week 6 of the Stalking Sapphire Book Club on Wattpad is now here, which mean there's less than two weeks left until the release of SILENCING SAPPHIRE, its sequel!

Tidbits chapters 16-18

1. Let's talk about Shelly.
Generally, I don't feel the same things the reader is meant to feel while reading a scene. But, Shelly's scenes were hard on me. I would cringe whenever I got to her sections during my rewrites and then feel relived once I had passed it. I didn't like being inside her head, but felt her POV was necessary for the story.
As opposed to Sapphire, who has that heroic fearlessness, I wanted Shelly to represent how any kidnapped young woman out there would feel and perhaps, that's why it got to me.
Still, whenever this character pops into my thoughts, the first thing that comes to mind is "Aw, Shelly."

2. Let's talk about Chrissy.
In chapter 17, this heiress might seem a bit over the top to some people. And yes, she is. But you have to remember this is a character who has gotten everything she'd ever wanted her entire life.
When I first started writing Chrissy, I would think back on a conversation I'd witnessed.

I was in a coffee shop, standing in the back of the line behind two girls in their early 20s. Based on their couture, lingo, and clothed purse-dog I assumed they'd grown up in Beverly Hills.
They were complaining and making fun of the poor barista scrambling to get through the long line of orders. Neither of them understood why making a cup of coffee would take so long and they agreed the guy behind the counter was an idiot and overpaid for a job that's easy.

I was working as a waitress at the time, and knew the guy only made 7.50 an hour for a very stressful job with minimum tips.

"Like, seriously," one of them said. "How hard is it to make coffee?"
"Yah," the other one agreed, "just push the button."
I wasn't sure what kind of magical coffee button she was expecting that would produce lattes, espressos, frappuccinos, and iced coffees, but I'm guessing she had some sort of Nespresso machine at home and somehow thought a coffee shop that filled hundreds of orders every day should have the same single-serving device.
When they finally reached the counter, they didn't order right away. They spent five minutes explaining to the barista about the horrors of having to wait in line for that long, ironically, holding up the line by doing so.

A couple of years later, when I started writing Stalking Sapphire and got to Chrissy's first scene, the two girls popped into my head, and decided to keep them in mind whenever I wrote her.

Next week is the last week of the Stalking Sapphire Book Club and the final Tidbits will be up on Friday!


Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hi Everyone,

The readers votes have been tallied from the Cover-Off on Wattpad and the winner has been selected.
To everybody who participated, thank you so much!

I'm proud to announce that this is the official cover of my New Adult Thriller SILENCING SAPPHIRE!

While setting her sights on a new serial killer, Beverly Hills heiress and vigilante, Sapphire Dubois, fights to cancel the wedding of the season in the sequel to the bestselling New Adult Thriller STALKING SAPPHIRE.

As a new serial killer dubbed the “Stripper Slayer” plagues Los Angeles, Sapphire once again sheds her socialite persona, this time to go undercover as a penniless stripper. Struggling to find the brutal man before he slays again, Sapphire finds that the thin wall separating her double life is cracking. Her family and friends expect her to walk down the aisle with the most eligible bachelor among the Beverly Hills elite; a man she doesn’t want. Meanwhile, the man she does want, handsome Detective Aston Ridder, is making her life hell as he closes in on the Serial Catcher’s trail.

Sapphire scrambles to keep the chaos at bay, unaware that someone else is tracking her as well. A serial killer from her past is back and will stop at nothing to get his vengeance.

Tomorrow: More Tidbits for the Stalking Sapphire Book Club on Wattpad!


Friday, October 4, 2013

Book Club Tidbits - Week 5

Hi Everyone,

Wow, I can't believe five weeks of the Stalking Sapphire Book Club on Wattpad have already gone by!
For everyone who has participated so far, THANK YOU! The Wattpad community is absolutely amazing!

As always, here is the link to the Wattpad book club:
Read Stalking Sapphire

Tidbits Chapters 13-15

1. The restaurant called Tomo Sushi where Sapphire meets Julia and Antonio, is an actual place. I've spent two accidental anniversaries there with husband. Both times because we missed the reservations we'd made elsewhere. Obviously, we're not the most time efficient people.

2. In the beginning of chapter 13, I described Sapphire driving past the studios in Burbank. I did this for a reason: I fear for the tourists who have been given an incorrect image of L.A.
While the media pretends that the shows and movies you watch are made in Hollywood, they are
actually filmed in the city of Burbank. This is where most of the studios are located.

The city of Hollywood is not what it's portrayed to be. Besides from the one block of Hollywood Blvd where the Mann's Theater and the Walk of Fame are located, there is nothing. Go one block either way, especially after sundown, and you're at risk of getting robbed.
I'm not saying 'don't visit Hollywood', I'm saying: if you do, and happen to stray off the short stretch of tourist block, bring your nunchucks.

More Tidbits next week!


Thursday, October 3, 2013



Yesterday was the end of of the most stressful weeks of my life. The manuscript for Silencing Sapphire is finally where it's supposed to be.

When I woke up this morning the first thing I did was send an apology to friends and family. Apparently, writing 13-14 hours a day while only sleeping 4-5 hours a night for weeks straight, turns you into a very unpleasant person.  My husband even called me IT for the past few days, a creature so terrifying, man is yet to come up with a deserving name.
It was understandable. I was pale, had fat dark circles under my eyes, and growled frequently.

I've been so busy lately that I've had to send him to run errands and grocery shop by himself.
Any wife or girlfriend out there knows exactly what happens when you send the male kind to the grocery store alone. They wander the aisles lost and confused. Essentials like milk, cereal, pasta, vegetables, get replaced by chips, beef jerky, steak, and an expensive bulk box of something you'll never eat.
It's hard to stay mad though. They come back looking so proud of themselves that your heart just melts.

Tomorrow, the next three chapters will be up on the Stalking Sapphire Book Club on Wattpad and I will, as always, put up more Tidbits.

Until then...
I will sleep, restock the fridge, and join the living for a bit.