Friday, October 18, 2013

Book Club Tidbits - Week 7

Hello Everyone,

I can't believe it is the LAST week of the Stalking Sapphire Book Club! The seven weeks went by way too fast.

To everyone at Wattpad who has been following Sapphire on her adventure, THANK YOU! Your warm comments, questions, and constant enthusiasm have made me smile over and over again. I will miss you all immensely.

Tidbits for Chapters 19 - Epilogue

1. In chapter 20, Aston's journey ends on somewhat of a down note. Was I too mean to him? I don't think so.

Aston is the character I wanted to change the most through the journey. When we first meet him, he is, undoubtedly, a major a**. He treats Sapphire, and all women, as if they are disposable toysDuring and after their first encounter, Sapphire is the reacher and Aston is the one who forcefully pulls away. I wanted his ending to be the opposite of his beginning. Whether he knows it or not, Aston is the one to reach for Sapphire at the end, and she is the one who pulls away.
Ultimately, I wanted this character to experience what it's like to be the target instead of the shooter for the first time in his life so that he can start growing from it.

2. The End...?

How to end the first book in a series is always a big debate among authors.
Do you end it as if it is a stand-alone book, or do you leave it completely open for the second book, and the series?

With Stalking Sapphire, I chose to go hybrid. Meaning, I closed off the main storyline and the characters arcs/issues of the book, but left specific subplots open. In addition, the epilogue, obviously, opened up a whole new problem coming Sapphire's way.
At this moment, I have five books planned out for the Sapphire Dubois Mystery Series and I will be keeping the Hybrid Endings for next three books.

So when you finished Stalking Sapphire and thought: Is this the end for Sapphire?, my answer is: No, this is only the beginning. The second book in the series, SILENCING SAPPHIRE comes out on OCT. 22. I couldn't be more excited to get to share Sapphire's second adventure with the world in less than four days.

For everyone with iBook/iTunes or Kobo, you can now pre-order SILENCING SAPPHIRE:

Release Day

I'll be having a Pre-Party on Google Plus Hangout around 8 p.m. Eastern Time, on SILENCING SAPPHIRE's Release day. Anyone who has (or gets) a Google Plus account can join in to ask me questions or just to chat!

This will take you to my Google Plus spot:


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