Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just One More Push

Hello world,

Working on the very last change on "Stalking Sapphire" before it gets sent back to my editor, and goes off to publication. Excited? yes, very, but also a bit on the scared side to let go of this book, aka: my baby.

This is the first book in the Sapphire series and it's been such a big part of my every day life, and thought process for so long that I don't really know how to function without it.
Now, so close to watching my baby run off to college, I find myself intentionally looking for any tiny flaw so that I can hold onto it just a little bit longer before I release it to the world.

But, like all the other mothers and fathers of fiction out there, I know that the simple saying: "If you love something set it free" is true and I will do just that right now. Or at least soon. Or maybe tomorrow...

or the day after.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Busy Christmas!

Season Greeting,

Having a hard time keeping up this Christmas with everything going on. Between doing the last touches on my first novel STALKING SAPPHIRE which Diversion Books will have out early 2013, working on the second book in the series,  Christmas shopping, and worrying about the Mayan calender's end of the world -- although, the last one might be a stretch, it now seems we will survive after all (hurray for the human race!) -- I find myself having less time for the smaller things in life, actually going to work and earning money.

Nonetheless, it's the best Christmas ever, excluding the one when I was six and got that go-go dog I really wanted.

Happy Holidays!