Monday, February 11, 2013

I love you, but...please leave.

Evenin', Mornin', whatever suits you,

Was all geared up--gloves, helmet, and all--to attack SILENCING SAPPHIRE this morning, but found that my attention was needed elsewhere when I got the final copy edit of STALKING SAPPHIRE from Diversion Books. Yey!

Was of course extremely happy about this, and the Diversion copy editor did an amazing job cleaning up the things I did not do so amazing with.

Confession: I suck at grammar.

The thing is, I love STALKING SAPPHIRE with all my heart, and I always will till the day I die, but...big but...I am ready to unleash her/it/the kraken on the world now. If the manuscript was a person who I'd held a long relationship with I'd be saying: "I love you, but would you please leave already."Then I'd gesture dramatically. "Go. Live. Spread your wings, young grasshopper."

I know STALKING SAPPHIRE better than I know the back of my hand, and whereas I was not ready to let go before, I now feel like a pregnant woman who is two weeks past due; uncomfortable, fat, and ready to be done so that I can have a  drink.



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