Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stalking & Silencing Sapphire in PRINT


It's my pleasure to announce that STALKING SAPPHIIRE and its sequel, SILENCING SAPPHIRE will be available in PRINT!
The estimated time for the both books' print release is the end of November 2013.

I'm absolutely thrilled as this means two wonderful things:

One: The Sapphire series will now be available to everyone who hasn't gotten into the world of eRaders yet.

Two: One of my favorite things about getting a new book is the 'new books smell'. I can't wait to get to crack open my own books and take a good whiff. That's right folks, I admit it, I'm a book whiffing addict. For the record, I have no plans of attending Book Whiffers Anonymous anytime soon.

Soon Available in Print
Soon Available in Print

As the date of the release gets closer, I will share details of how, and where, you can get the books!


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