Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Year Is It, Again?

To the modern world,

As of late, I've gotten some odd reactions from people when they hear I'm an author.

First of all, I have received some negative reactions from a few women as well, but the majority of them usually beam and say, "Good for you!" or "Fantastic."
It was the large number of male reactions, better fitted in a different century, that took me off guard.  

This is one of many, many similar responses.

"You wrote a book?" a man asks with a quizzical look on his face.
"Yes, " I say. "I wrote a book."
"Ah, a romance." He, and others, say this as if the notion of women writing anything that doesn't have a shirtless stud on the cover is inconceivable. (There is nothing wrong with romance; it's the assumption that bothers me.)
"Thriller," I say, dryly.
"Oh...well that's...(long pause)...cute."

Silly me, that's how I should describe bleeding through the writing process, then sweating through publication from now on: Cute.
Though, I'm sure this particular gentleman would have used the same adjective had he been speaking to a male coworker. No? No.

At the top of my Shovel List (things one wants to hit in the face with a shovel) is the man who told me I should quit writing and get pregnant already, because I'm not getting any younger.
Below him, I've reserved a spot for the handful of men who said something along the lines of: "Every story should have a protagonist...do you know what a protagonist is, sweetheart?"

Why, yes. Despite my lady-brain, I have managed to absorb the meaning of words, like, protagonist, antagonist, plot point, and subplot. Amazing, I know.   

I was always aware that female authors writing certain genres/characters may have to write under male or unisex pen names so that men wouldn't bypass it because they see the name Mary or Iris, but I suppose I never gave why? much thought until now.

Note that I'm usually very fond of the opposite sexI married one of themand not all men I speak to react this way, but the number of cave-man responses have been more than I ever would've imagined with the year being 2013. I'm not only pissed but, I often find myself standing there perplexed. Females editors, agents etc. are a majority in the publishing world, and the book shelves are full of female authors, so the only conclusion I can come to is that, perhaps, a percentage of the population didn't get the memo?

For anyone who missed it when it was first released:

Urgent News-Stop
From this day forth, women-folk will be allowed to write any genre of literature-Stop
Though we previously thought females only could write cook books, romance novels, and biographies on childbearing, it now appears we were wrong-Stop


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