Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nook First!

To all with questions,

I'm very proud to announce that my New Adult Thriller STALKING SAPPHIRE is featured on Nook First today! Then 30 days to come. Very exciting! (You can find the Nook link on the sidebar.)

Well, exciting for me, at least...and my husband...and my dog, Oreo. Even though she yawned in my face when I told her this succulent piece of news, I'm pretty sure it was a yawn of utter enthusiasm. 

For those of you who are reading this and thinking:
B: What is New Adult?
C: Who the hell names their dog Oreo?

I have the answers for 2 out of 3.

STALKING SAPPHIRE, is the first book in the Sapphire Series where we are introduced to the young Beverly Hills heiress, Sapphire Dubois, who--as opposed to her peers--doesn't spend her life shopping or partying, but instead, hunting and capturing serial  killers. 
This is all fun and games--as you all know the sport of serial killer catching can be--until one of Sapphire's adversaries finds out who she is, what she does, and comes after her. For the first time, Sapphire has to figure out how to find a killer who already knows she's coming and do it, not only before he gets to her, but before the life of an innocent young woman is taken. 

And, to answer some of the ladies: Yes! There is romance.

To make matters worse...and better, Sapphire also has involuntary crush/one night stand handsome detective Aston Ridder on her tail, watching her every move. 

The book(as well as its sequels) was specifically written for the New Adult genre.
Which being me to B.

As I started this book I knew exactly what it was, and more so, what I wanted the whole series to be. I was 23 at the time and I was having trouble finding enough books to read with protagonists my own age as I was in the giant gap between Young Adult (YA) and the adult genres. A lot of people, females especially, 18 to early 30s are kind of left hanging. They don't quite relate to the YA high school character anymore, but can't really relate to the female protagonist who is 35 and married with children either. That is where New Adult, a fairly new genre, comes in. It closes that gap and allows the 20-something to engage in stories much closer to their own world and language.
Though I've read and enjoyed YA books as a 26 year old and very adult novels as a 14 year old, it is nice to have the option to read about character's in your own age group, should you feel like it. 
I have big hopes for the future of New Adult and would love for B&N to one day have an aisle of it as big and grand as the one of their YA section. 

C: I don't know who would name their dog Oreo. She was a rescue and already named so we didn't want to change it. Ironically she hates those doggy Oreo cookies; the only thing in the world she won't eat. Perhaps she feels it's cannibalism.


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