Monday, April 8, 2013

For Bob


It was a week since my last post, and in that week I've gone through more emotions that I have combined in the 26 years prior.

Every time a new review of STALKING SAPPHIRE comes in I have heart complications until I know if it's a good or a bad one. If it's good, I annoy the people in my life by reading it over and over again until they start threatening me with kitchen knives, remote controls, carrots or whatever weapon happens to be in their vicinity at the time. If it's a bad one...well...I would love to say that I brush it off like the professional I am and that I say mature things like "Oh well, people have different tastes." Being neither mature nor professional this is not what I say.
I do, however, still appreciate the review and the effort the reviewer put in.

Luckily, I've had much more positive reviews than negative so far, I'm crossing my fingers that it keeps going that way.

In the past week I've also been dealing with the oncoming death of my beloved MacBook. His name is Bob, he is 7 years old, and lately he energy hasn't been the same. In the middle of doing important things like blogging, he dies, keeps being dead, then magically comes back to life whenever he feels like it.
Also, oddly, he smells a bit like a homeless man. I'm not kidding! My husband and I were convinced a homeless person had broken into our bedroom just to rub his chest on my computer.
I thought about taking him into the doctor--Apple Store-- but last time I did for a different issue, they laughed at Bob, and said he was old and out of date. I said "He's only six." They said: "Exactly."

That was a year ago and now, as I hurry to write these last lines before Bob cuts me off once again,  I know I'll be saying the words soon: R.I.P Bob.


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