Friday, April 12, 2013

Cloud 9


I've had the honor of living on cloud 9 since STALKING SAPPHIRE became a Nook First. Have visited cloud 9 once or twice in my life for short periods of time, but have generally spent more time on the less famous cloud 5 and 6. I'm going on day three here on 9 and, I'm not going to lie, I see what all the fuss is about.

Wednesday STALKING SAPPHIRE took a leap from 200 000's on the B&N rank to 721. I remember the number well, because I screamed it non-stop for twenty minutes my neighbor's delight.

About an hour later, it dropped into the 500's. I don't remember that number quite as well, because at this point I was extremely exhausted from all the screaming.

Last night, it dropped to an amazing 100 on the B&N bestseller list. I am completely astounded and I
never in my life would have imagined it going this well. When I saw Sapphire pass my all time favorite author, Marian Keyes' new novel, I swear I died a little and I'm now walking around up here on cloud 9 part zombie.

Now that Bob, my MacBook, is on his last leg I decided it was time to get another laptop. His name is Ricky-Bobby, named after my favorite fictional car racer from Talladega Nights, and so far he, unlike Bob, doesn't smell like a homeless man. A good sign I think and the start of a beautiful friendship.


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