Monday, September 14, 2015


The SILENCING SAPPHIRE Book Club on Wattpad has officially begun!

For those of you who are yet to stumble upon Wattpad, this means, Silencing Sapphire, as well as its predecessor, Stalking Sapphire, will both be FREE on Wattpad for a certain amount of time.

Today, Sept. 14th, I have posted chapters 1-5 of Silencing Sapphire, and I will keep posting chapters until the full book is up.

For this book club, we, Diversion Books and I have also added a CONTEST feature.

The two contests will open at the last post, Oct. 7th. The winners will receive ALL three Sapphire Dubois novels, i.e: Stalking Sapphire, Silencing Sapphire, and Sentencing Sapphire in eBook format.


Click HERE to Read!

Contest #1 The Sapphire Dubois Quiz

Answer the 7 questions to the Sapphire Dubois quiz that will be posted on the last day of the book club, Oct. 7th, and submit them. Whoever submits the highest number of correct answers first, wins all three Sapphire Dubois books (ePub)
More details to come.

Contest #2 The Art Contest
Submit a drawing/sketch of Sapphire Dubois, herself, featured on a WANTED POSTER. The winning submission will be featured on the website and will also receive all three Sapphire Dubois books (ePub)

This contest will open on Oct. 7th. More details to come.

But for now, ladies and gentlemen: Chapters 1-5...


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