Friday, September 20, 2013

SILENCING SAPPHIRE Summary Debut & Book Club Tidbits - Week 3

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Today, along with the this weeks Tidbits, I have two very exciting announcements to make!

First of all...

The summary for the Stalking Sapphire sequel, SILENCING SAPPHIRE, is now released!

(Coming October 22. Published by Diversion Books)

While setting her sights on a new serial killer, Beverly Hills heiress and vigilante, Sapphire Dubois, fights to cancel the wedding of the season in the sequel to the bestselling New Adult Thriller STALKING SAPPHIRE.

As a new serial killer dubbed the “Stripper Slayer” plagues Los Angeles, Sapphire once again sheds her socialite persona, this time to go undercover as a penniless stripper. Struggling to find the brutal man before he slays again, Sapphire finds that the thin wall separating her double life is cracking. Her family and friends expect her to walk down the aisle with the most eligible bachelor among the Beverly Hills elite; a man she doesn’t want. Meanwhile, the man she does want, handsome Detective Aston Ridder, is making her life hell as he closes in on the Serial Catcher’s trail.

Sapphire scrambles to keep the chaos at bay, unaware that someone else is tracking her as well. A serial killer from her past is back and will stop at nothing to get his vengeance.

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Second of all...

Keep your eyes peeled on Wattpad's Facebook page next week for a chance to participate in choosing the COVER for SILENCING SAPPHIRE!

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We are now into Week 3 of the Stalking Sapphire Book Club on Wattpad!

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TIDBITS Chapters 7-9

1. Before I started writing Stalking Sapphire, the "Aston interrogating Sapphire scene" in Chapter 7 was meant to be the first time the characters were introduced to each other. They were supposed to find each other attractive during the questioning and that was it for that scene.
But when I thought about how Sapphire would feel, act, etc. while being interrogated by a cop whom she thought was handsome, I realized I wanted that scene to be as awkward as it could possibly be. Not just for Sapphire, but for Aston as well.
I knew, right then, how I wanted their relationship to be and how their push-and-pull dynamic should play out. In most novels the two main character's don't sleep together until sometime in the middle or closer to the end, and I wanted to do the opposite; a reversed romance.

2. The scene where Aston watches Sapphire through his binoculars had to be rewritten a few times. Every time I re-read it, it felt wrong. I wanted Aston to see her do things that would break her heiress persona and I also wanted to make sure the reader knew there was still sexual tension from Aston. But having him sit in the shadows, watching a young woman undress with binoculars made him come off like a pervert. Finally I added the lines: He aimed his binoculars at her, feeling like a perv... and: he thought about looking away...
Once I had Aston acknowledge that his actions were shady, he came off more like a curious cop than a pervy peeping Tom.

3. The hazy-eyed sales clerk at the Quickie Mart in chapter 8 was loosely based on a guy I used to work with--by loosely, I of course mean, completely. I don't want to go into details, but let's just say, he never completed a sentence and he always carried Visine...and it wasn't because he had allergies.

More Tidbits next week...


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