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As I've mentioned, today is the first Friday of the STALKING SAPPHIRE Book Club on Wattpad!
Every Friday, for the next seven weeks, I'll be doing some TIDBITS about Stalking Sapphire along side the release of the chapters.

Here is the link for the Book Club:

Tidbits Chapters 1-3
Photo: Wattpad's banner for the Stalking Sapphire Book Club. It's so purdy!
1. Stalking Sapphire’s original title was…brace yourself… Lip Gloss, Country Clubs & Serial Killers. Yikes!  My excuse? I have none. Looking back I realize I ignored people’s reactions of crinkling noses along with their: “Really?” when I told them the title.  Let’s all be grateful for my agent who put a stop to the madness and came up with today's title.

2.Sapphire’s mother, Vivienne, was originally named Jocelyn. It was changed in one of the novel’s lasts drafts because her name was too similar to Julia’s, also a motherly figure, and it got readers confused. When I first started the rough draft of the sequel, Silencing Sapphire, I frequently had to cuss myself out because my fingers automatically typed Jocelyn instead of Vivienne.
3. The first image from Stalking Sapphire came in a dream…sound corny, I know. It was the dark forest and, the man who would become, Richard Martin’s black shoes cracking down on the dead twigs. I’d always had weird reoccurring dreams since I was a child, but this one was different, very vivid. I had the same short dream for weeks, before it evolved. I—the silent observer in the dream— eventually saw that the man was chasing a girl, his next victim. In the following weeks, almost every night, I feared for the girl as I watched the man follow her, knowing his intentions were to kill her. Finally, the whole scenario reveled itself and I knew I’d been wrong. She wasn’t the victim, he was.
I woke up that morning and was officially obsessed with the girl. Still am.
Next Friday, tidbits for chapters 4-6!

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