Tuesday, July 23, 2013

STALKING SAPPHIRE Audio Book Released!

The STALKING SAPPHIRE Audio Book was released today (07/23/13) on Amazon Audible! It is narrated by the talented Elizabeth Morton, who does a wonderful job of bringing both Sapphire and the killers to life.
You can download it to any computer, Kindle, iPhone, iPod, & Android device.

Click here to Purchase & Sample

Having your work come out as an audio edition is exciting to any writer, but to me there's somewhat of a sentimental value. I had problems with insomnia as a child, and audio books, (books on cassette tape, at that time) was the only thing that would calm me and put me to sleep. That said, I really hope listening to Stalking Sapphire will do anything BUT put you to sleep.

Coming up this week,
For all you writers out there, I'll be doing a post on how pushing and breaking stereotypes can help your story. It should be up within the next few days.

Next week,
I have the honor of being a guest over at author Jodi Linton's on AUGUST 2. I'll be talking about Our Characters and Us and a specific event in my life--that I don't often speak of--which led me to create Stalking Sapphire's main character, Sapphire Dubois.


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