Wednesday, July 3, 2013



The first chapter of SILENCING SAPPHIRE, the Stalking Sapphire sequel is up on Wattpad as we speak. This is Part 1 of my the Silencing Sapphire sneak peeks. Part 2, the second chapter, will be up next week, so stay tuned! Click on the link below to read it.
The chapter is the pre-published, pre-copy edited version, and not the final draft. Note that the chapter may have changed for the published novel on October 2, 2013.

I'm very excited about this, not only for the people who have already read Stalking Sapphire, but for everyone who are just being introduced.

With that said, I also had a case of crippling fear today. Putting something up that hasn't been proofed by the wonderful pros at Diversion, wasn't the easiest thing for me. Thank God, for my agent. Don't know if I would have been able to do it at all if it wasn't for her help and wisdom.
The second I hit the Publish button on Wattpad, I made a sound somewhere in between a squealing mouse and the blaring horn of a semi. Can't describe it; too inhuman.

Nonetheless, I did it.

To read Silencing Sapphire Preview - Part 1
Click on the link below.

For everyone who hasn't read Stalking Sapphire yet, and would like to gear up before reading the Wattpad preview, this link will take you directly to all eBook retailers.


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