Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Tortoise and Bieber's Hair


I the past few days I have completely dived into writing on Project X and catching up on my reading...and by reading I don't mean my research books on the mind of a serial killer and/or sociopath, but real reading; the kind meant to enjoy and lose yourself in.

As for Project X, it is something I will keep working on while on Sapphire breaks. Since the Sapphire series is the numero uno priority, I have a feeling Project X is going to take me years to complete. The concept deserves a carefully thought out approach and the world--which I have to create from scratch--is extremely complex and will take a lot of plotting and precision in description on my part. Not to even mention the fact that I'm trying to pull off my secondary character as both a protagonist and antagonist at the same time. Yikes! It is quite the challenge and I believe the one thing I've said to myself every time I open up the document is: "Holy s**t, what did you get yourself into?" After which I do the Macaulay Culkin and slap my hands to my cheeks and scream.
But, after all, the tortoise did win the race and if one should choose to believe that fables own some accuracy in real life, then the longer it simmers, the better it will taste. Or...it burns to the bottom of the pan, resulting in a ruined meal and the urgent rummage through your takeout menu drawer; time will tell.

In other news...I'm always fascinated by how news anchors can say that, leaping from a horrible story about Libya to a segment about Justin Bieber's new haircut without even blinking, making a smooth transition by using those three little words. I'm also fascinated by how quickly I can lose my train of thought; it's honestly amazing that I manage to write cohesive stories at all.

So, in other news, I just had the honor of reading my sister's children's book manuscript. It's not only entertaining and educational for the kids, but written in captivating, Dr. Seuss style, rhymes. I was literally hooked into a story made for people half my size and five times younger than me, within two paragraphs. My big sis does not only have the talent of words and story, but manages to apply the psychology of teaching a child important lessons in a very entertaining way. Mark my words, Kevin the Cat is going to be huge and loved by the Swedish publishing houses.  


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