Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Notes, The Panic, The Blard


The Notes:
So, just like that, my little vacation is over. I got back notes on the first few chapters of Silencing Sapphire and let's just say the road ahead looks so dense and scary at the moment, that I feel as if I just walked into a dark haunted forest filled with tattered signs that say stuff like: Warning and Beware of the Flesh Eating Spiders.

And like I said, those are just the notes for a few chapters, I'll have about a mile more coming my way.  First thing I do when faced with this metaphorical haunted forest, is...well panic.

The Panic: can only stay for so long.
Our brains are built to adjust and most major emotions can only sustain their peak for short moments of time, especially if you let them come and wreak havoc for a bit. Eventually, whatever negative emotion has gotten a hold of you, will wear itself out. It doesn't make the panic less intimidating or fierce, but it's comforting to know that the evilness of fingernail biting and the task of mentally beating oneself up, doesn't last forever.
I never, ever write in this mode. Should I, Sapphire would probably retire from the business of capturing serial killers to do something much less menacing, like start her own line of tan-in-a-can products.
When the panic finally does settle, it is replaced by something much more powerful.

The Blard:
Although not an actual word (as far as I know?) the Blard has many faces.

It is the battle cry you make when raising your sword like a Viking, ready to fight the writing demon (a vicious beast, natural to the haunted forest, known to feed on flesh eating spiders and writers).
It is the only word you're able to express to others, no matter what question they ask you, after 10 hours of rewriting without improvement. This blard is often accompanied by the uncommitted single-shoulder shrug.
It is the rebellious sound your stomach makes to tell you: you've had way too much coffee, way too little substantial food, and you've been dying to pee for three hours but, like an idiot, failed to notice.



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