Friday, January 11, 2013

What's that yellow thing in the sky again?


I swear, I have not seen the sun in three days and just took my first step outside.
Wish I could say I have been busy going tap tap tap on my computer, head down, and all focused on working on SILENCING SAPPHIRE, the second in the Sapphire series, but I haven't.

Like the rest of the states I came down with the horrid flu. Very reminiscent of the Winter Sickness, which is a popular way to torture people in Sweden (where I grew up) every winter, but not quite as bad.

On the upside, I now get to be the person who watches everybody around me get sick, and I'll be able to give them that sympathetic head nod, with a slight  "mmm" which says: been there, done that, you're in for hell.

A proper update will come as soon as I'm done with the "mmm" ing and the sympathetic head nodding.

Stay welll,

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