Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vacation countdown!

Dear humans,
(If anybody happens not to be a human being then I suppose I greet your too, though I find it highly unlikely)

Am counting down the days until my vacation (14 days to go) to my home town in Sweden. Although I'm sure to a lot of people the concept of not seeing your family for 2 1/5 years sounds like music to your ears, I've missed mine terribly and will be happy to sit for hours and appreciate the things that normally would annoy me, like my father -- bless his heart -- giving repeated and detailed explanations on who somebody is, despite the fact that I've known the person my entire life.

Though I'm afraid that as a writer -- who is yet to make it in the well-known and highly lucrative "big time"-- there is never much of a vacation away from writing.
I'm almost positive that I will end up sitting by the computer in my sisters apartment, hung over, wearing sweats along with last night's makeup,  typing away on SILENCING SAPPHIRE; crying out indistinct words out of self pity from time to time.

Still, looking forward to it!


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