Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Some writers use this time to unwind, sit back and enjoy the aftermath of their hard work, before they dig into their next project.

Which is exactly what I did...for two days. During which time I realized the following:

1: Daytime TV sucks.
2: My living room patio has 25 blinds, a strangely uneven and highly unsettling number.
3: The suggestion: take a nice, long walk, no longer sounds like an oxymoronic joke to me.
4: Carrie should've ended up with Aidan, not Big.

When I felt I'd punished myself long enough with a writing break, I jumped back into Project X and finished up the first readable draft. Now, while Project X is in the hands of Reader #1, my husband, I'm dedicating all my time to Sapphire #4, tentatively titled: Sacrificing Sapphire.


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