Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Birthday(s)

Hi Everyone,

Today is May 20th and the birthdays of two very special people in my life.

The first person, I literally owe my life to. She nurtured me, read to me, stuck with me through my terrible-teens years, and went through the (from what I understand) traumatic task of birthing me. I am, of course, talking about my mother.
Someone who read both Stalking and Silencing Sapphire recently asked me if I based Vivienne, Sapphire's terribly unfit mother, on my own mother. For those who have wondered the same, the answer is no. I did, however, base Julia, Sapphire's ever caring housekeeper, on my mother.

That said... Happy birthday to my mom, Ylva!

The second person whose birthday it is today, is the character herself, Sapphire.
I chose May 20th for Sapphire to pay a homage to my mom, knowing she would read it and

I don't know if other authors celebrate their characters' birthdays (or if it's even considered sane to do so?) but I do. I don't get a gift or bake a cake, mostly because there would be no one to blow out the candles, but also because I'm terrible at baking cakes. But I do wake up on May 20th and think: today is my mother's and Sapphire's birthdays. 

That said...Happy Birthday to my favorite character, Sapphire!

In other celebrations, I just reached my 50 K mark on the rough draft of SEVERING SAPPHIRE, which means I'm getting close to the climax and, inevitably, the end. Something that's always bitter sweet to me.


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