Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Between the "rewrites" of project X, and the "writing" of the Sapphire #4 MS, I decided to squeeze in a birthday yesterday.

I had a spectacularly amazing, but low-key day which included: breakfast in bed, Dim Sum, and two orangutans. I could explain, but I'd much rather leave you all wondering how the orangutans came into the picture. I'm not sure how I got to be one year away from the big three-oh. I honestly always planned on just turning twenty-five until I died, but with neither science or biology on my side I guess I have to give up on that dream. Mia-0. Time-1.

Today, it was back to the muddy water of reality. Got up at 6.30 and drank my coffee while starting to "write." ("Writing" = staring at screen while baffled by one's past choices.) As I sat there, "writing", I wondered when my beloved muse would be back, and where she went in the first place. Perhaps she took out her well-earned PTO and went to the Bahamas, or Boca Raton if she's 55+. I then decided to take a break from "writing" to google muses and call my insurance company. (Note that it was not to ask where they thought my muse had gone on vacation. It was a separate matter.)

After lunch, a work out, and this post, I now have four hours left of "writing" time and muse-pondering, before I may call it a day. Wish me luck.


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