Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Today is the day! SENTENCING SAPPHIRE (Sapphire Dubois Book #3) is finally out.

I don't know if I'm supposed to be less excited about this, having two release dates under my belt, but I seem to be as giddy today as I was the first two times. Combine your 18th or 21st birthday with a top five childhood Christmas and that's where I am on release days.

Purchase it HERE!

That said, my celebration this time has taken a drastic turn from those of the past.

The day Stalking Sapphire was released, my husband and I got a really nice suite for two nights at a really nice hotel. When I opened my eyes that morning, three things hit me in the following order:

One: I was hung-over. The management sent us complimentary strawberries and champagne the night before, which lead to us running out of champagne. So we went down to the bar and continued looking for champagne at the bottom of several captain and coke glasses.

Two:  Neither my ass or my back hurt. The nice hotel with the really nice suite, had a really nice bed. One of those nice beds you grow to hate, because they make you realize what a piece of crap you normally sleep on.

Three: It was the release day! I jumped up, despite the hangover, and yelled. "O-mi-God-O-mi-God; It's out!!!" My husband, still half asleep, also hung-over, opened his blood-shot eyes and mumbled "yaay" then went back to sleep.

I've never been simultaneously happy and hung-over before, it's usually one or the other, but I give it two thumbs up.

As for Silencing Sapphire's release...
I was convinced everyone would hate the sequel so much that I wouldn't get to write a third, fourth, or fifth book, and that the second release day, would be my last. So I invited some friends and threw a release party to make sure that if it, indeed, was my last release day, I'd go out with a bang.

I spent the whole night forcing people to listen to made-up potential and horrible reviews: Minus 3 Stars. Worst Writing in the History of Words. Thompson SUCKS!
I wish I would've known how many four and five star reviews the second book would get at that point. It would've saved my friends' ears from profuse bleeding.

So what am I doing today then, on Sentencing Sapphire's release day, you ask?
The answer is so incredibly dull that I couldn't find a boring enough word in the thesaurus to describe it. I got up this morning to share links, re-link, post this, try to be clever in 140 characters or less...the usual. Then, at 9 p.m. tonight, I will not celebrate, but go to work. Not writing work, but work-work.

Fun, right? Wrong. Clearly, while at work, I will neither be able to drink champagne nor randomly yell "O-mi-God-O-mi-God; It's out!!!" as I'd likely be escorted off the property by security.

My only hope today, as I look like this before I venture to work...

...is that somewhere in the world, someone sees that Sentencing Sapphire is out and jumps up to yell "O-mi-God-O-mi-God; it's out!!!"

On the upside, I hear Burger King's Black Whopper turns your poop green, so my day could be significantly worse.


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