Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mover's Hell

Hi Everyone!

Pardon my long silence, but I have spent the past weeks in a something called Mover's Hell.

My husband and I just moved into what we believed was the perfect house. A place so big, we'd finally get our own offices.

However, for the past weeks, we've dealt with no water, followed by leaking water. No A/C, followed by no gas. A washer that didn't work, and a drier that did work...until my husband messed with it and accidentally put it in permanent lock mode. Last, but not least, scorpions. Yes, scorpions. Little poisonous suckers with absolutely ZERO understanding of private property and personal space.

We also haven't had Internet or TV until today. I was relieved when the cable guy finally showed up this morning, because after unpacking boxes, assembling furniture, and trying not to step on poisonous freeloaders and having no entertainment to comfort a deprived mind, The Shining's "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" popped into my head more than once.

Though I hoped I'd be tapping away on my computer in my very own writing space by now, this is the current state of my office:

Sorry Sapphire, it's going to be awhile.



  1. Am sorry to hear you have had a rough f we weeks, but it sure was an opportunity to have the feeling of being no where and live these days like it it was a century ago. Hope things get better soon and am waiting for sapphire.

  2. Thank you, Claris. You're such a sweet heart! I promise I'll be back on track with Sapphire soon:)