Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 Las Vegas Writers Conference

Hi Everyone,

As I've mentioned briefly, I'm very excited to join the faculty of the 2014 Las Vegas Writers Conference!

Between April 24 - 26, I will be on an Agent/Author panel along with my very own agent, the lovely Elizabeth Kracht. This session will allow writers to ask any questions they might have about agent-author relationships.

As some of you may know, I was a screenwriter before I became an author. Because of my years of screenwriting studies and trying to break into the madness that is Hollywood, the wonderful people of the Las Vegas Writers Conference have granted me the pleasure of holding my own workshop.

My class: Using Movie Structure to Strengthen your Plot (it's a working title) will be about taking the precise structure of screenplays and implementing them into your manuscript to help improve pace and plot. I'm hoping this workshop will help other authors as much as it has helped me!

I'm incredibly honored and grateful to be apart of the Las Vegas Writers Conference faculty and would like to send a big thanks to the organization! 

If you are a writer, or just interested in attending:

Click Here to Join!


Here are some of the other work shops:

* Dialogue, it is not just people talking
* Plotting First Draft to Final Draft
* That’s How We Roll: Setting up an Author Tour both Online and Offline
* Self editing for fiction writers – Edit yourself
* Multiple point of view
* Author/Agent panels – The relationship and how it works
* Building an Author Platform Self-Publishing Demystified:  Taking the Reins of Your Own Publishing Journey
* Building Your Own Writing/Publishing Empire:  Strategies for Turning One Book into a Full-Time Living
* Ten Ways to Upgrade Your Manuscript
* Savvy self-publishing; bonuses and traps of DIY
* Workshopping the Query
* Creating Characters
* Balance – How to intertwine narrative, description & dialogue


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