Friday, December 6, 2013

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I've been keeping busy lately by getting back into the writing saddle.

After the hectic schedule of completing Silencing Sapphire, I had planned on taking a small break from writing the series. However, due to an overwhelming amount of requests about the next installment from my readers (I'm not complaining), I decided to jump right into Sapphire's next adventure.

I've also been busy planning my trip to Sweden and I'm now set to be spending Christmas with my family. It's been six years since I was able to spend my favorite time of the year with them and I couldn't be more thrilled.
Every country has their own spectacular traditions for this time of year, but to me, the Swedish Christmas cannot be beat. In true Swedish spirit there will be meatballs, Donald Duck at 3 p.m, relatives praising the thick snow, gingerly wrapped presents (excluding mine, I'm terrible at wrapping),  mountains of chocolate, relatives cussing the thick snow realizing their car have been buried, and lastly, the epitome of the Swedish Christmas...loads and loads of booze.

The Swedes do not have one single Holiday that doesn't involve heavy drinking. I have genuine concern for the 9 million livers being tortured in Scandinavia.
During a Swedish holiday dinner, someone will raise a shot glass filled with schnapps and start to sing a "drinking song" about once every 15 minutes...give or take an eager drunk uncle.
Once someone initiates this, everyone of legal age joins in by singing along and raising their own shot glasses. At the end of the song everyone takes their shot then says something along the lines of: "Ooh, that's a good burn, Lars." To which Lars responds: "Ooh Ja, that's a good burn, Sven."

The empty glasses are then quickly refilled so that the process can be repeated in another 15 minutes.
It took me moving to the States to understand that the rest of the world did NOT associate singing and shooting schnapps with Christmas.

Nonetheless, I have missed it and will happily join in this year.


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