Friday, August 2, 2013

Guest at Author Jodi Linton's


I'm excited to say that I'll be a guest over at, the very talented and very sweet, author Jodi Linton's today (Aug. 2)!

I'll be talking about the subject of Our Characters and Us, and how the writer is often, in one way or another, reflected in their character. Because of that, I will also be sharing the story of a very unpleasant event in my life--that I usually prefer not to speak of--which led me to create Sapphire Dubois.

So how does this middle-class Swedish born, American-ish author who spends her days in front of a computer, drinking an undisclosed amount of coffee, reflect in the character of Sapphire Dubois, a Beverly Hills heiress who captures serial killers, you ask?

Find out at Jodi's:

Feel free to drop by to share your thoughts, comments, and questions!
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