Friday, March 15, 2013



Yes, STALKING SAPPHIRE's release date has changed from April 23 to April 2nd. I couldn't be happier about this considering I was already counting down the days to the release like a child does for his/her birthday.

Since I haven't cared about a birthday since I turned 21 and was legally allowed to drink for the second time--the first being when I turned 18 in Sweden--the release of my new adult thriller novel is very exciting. As in haven't-slept-or-eaten-properly-for-3 months exciting. It's okay; extreme caffeine intake cover both areas.

Had a very productive call about my little Sapphire's future today with my editor at Diversion Books, and feel extremely positive about what's to come. I also feel insanely paranoid and permanently shaky, but that's probably just the side effects from the whole 3 months of no sleep/food and too much coffee thing.

Further more,  STALKING SAPPHIRE is also up on if anybody wants to check it out.



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